Wow, there are so many great things I have to say about my experience with Paige, so I apologize for my long review! We met Paige through a recommendation and goodness, working with her is the best decision we made in our home buying process.

During our initial meeting with Paige, I informed her that my husband would be far from easy to please, lol. He knew it. I knew it. And we both had an idea of our dream home and I knew that our wish lists differed in the sense that what he wanted, I didn’t necessarily care about and vice versa. We also figured that it would take us half a year to find our dream home and unlike some couples we know, we couldn’t narrow down the neighborhood we wanted to reside in right away.

From day one, Paige was hard at work, showing us places and helping us eliminate areas, while also listening to what we both wanted and guiding us in a way that helped us merge our wish lists together more cohesively. Her communication skills are amazing and we were always well-informed of the status of homes we were looking at. She paid attention to the little details in our character and was able to use her keen observation skills to assist us even more.

I have to say, we had an absolute ball working with her and surprisingly (only surprising to us because Paige had faith when we didn’t), we found our DREAM HOME!! We fell in love with it that first viewing and Paige was able to help us move quickly in the process. For most agents and brokers, this is where their work slows down, but not Paige. She was there beside us through everything and available for any questions (and we had a ton of them). What we thought would take us half a year took less than a month and we couldn’t be happier! I’m honestly so grateful because with Christmas right around the corner, we’re finally in the type of home we’ve always imagined thanks to Paige! My husband and I highly recommend her and I’m not sure we’d be so satisfied had we worked with someone else! Trust us, she’ll make this process soooo worth it for you!

— Sherelle G.